4 Writing A Journal

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Scrapbooks and Journals


Keeping a journal, a diary or a scrapbook…

I have been journaling and scrapbooking for years. My book is the perfect place to save my favorite images, quotes, poems, sayings, affirmations and passages from books I love. I really enjoy decorating it and am forever adding to it. It’s my inspiration book, and all of which inspired how I wanted LOLA to look.

When I was in NYC recently, I stopped by a show called The Keeper at the New Museum, where I came across an artist who has turned his scrapbooks into art.

Scrapbooks 1979-2016 by Shinro Ohtake

Since he started creating the scrapbooks in 1977, Shinro Ohtake’s collection has grown to sixty individual books, some bulging as much as 800 pages. His books are like keepsake albums, holding collections of found materials from magazine tear sheets, to ticket stubs, photographs and many other ephemera of daily life. He takes his to a whole other level!

Monogrammed Journals


Inspire a loved one to start a journal by giving them one! You can even personalize it, by using rubber-stamps.

What you will need:
* A hardback journal
* Set of alphabet stamps
* Stamp pad
* Rubber band
You can either stamp the initials individually, or wrap a rubber band around 3 letter stamps together in monogram order. Practice on a scrap of paper first!
Then stamp all along the endpapers. If you feel you might stamp the edges, you can also fold a piece of paper in half, and lay each one over the front and back covers until you have finished stamping. Hold the journal firmly closed when stamping or clamp it shut with a large binder clip.
Source: Real Simple

List of Likes

Scan 6

Perfect for adding to your journal: lists of things you like.
Scan 8

Inspired by Jacqueline Suskin’s book Go Ahead & Like It, write a list or lists of things you like -small things that bring you delight, intriguing things that excite you, and meaningful things that make every day special.

Available in LOLA’s Pop Up Store: http://www.priscillawoolworth.com/store/go-ahead-it

LOLA Girl Sophie Haber Update (from June 2014)


Faces of the Santa Barbara Farmers Market

By Sophie Haber and Elliot Hodges

As two creative travelers, we had a vision in our heads and a camera in our hands. We both grew up traveling the world and discovered our love for photography at a young age. When you are able to co-create with someone and collaborate on a vision you manifest in your mind it is the best kind of feeling! That being said, the two of us set out to our local farmers market hoping to document the natural beauty of the faces at the Farmers Market. Both with a camera at our hip and an inviting smile we created this community within our photographs of the faces of the farmers market. From close up detail shots of shoes and veggies in the mulch at their feet to full length portraits of what a day in the life farmers market goer looks like we are threading an organic looking story together. We are setting out on our road trip up the northern coast from Santa Barbara to Canada and are hoping to continue this story onto other farmers markets and farms. Its a journey with no set destination and no time limit, just the way we love! As artists we hope to collaborate with many more faces and beautiful souls to make this story rich in love.


As featured in Forage and Pasture: http://www.forageandpasture.com/growers-makers/faces-of-the-santa-barbara-farmers-market/

Maya Penn: Idea Journals

penn - journals

I have a big scattered collection of what I call “idea journals”. Usually I write down anything creative or inspiring that crosses my mind. I’ll sketch a new clothing design or an idea for an animation or write something uplifting I want to keep in mind through my endeavors. I also kept a different journal when I was 9 where I would write fictional stories about me and my pets (1 dog and 2 cats) going on adventures around the world. Me and my cat Coconut taking a train to Australia, me and my dog Blackberry flying to Paris, it was all silly goodness. If you wrote a goofy fictional story, what would it be about?

November 3, 2014: Maya Penn Curates LOLA

Poem Store


A handy place to jot down some lines is in a journal…or on a typewriter. Los Angeles poet Jacqueline Suskin sets up her vintage Hermes typewriter at events, asks for a subject and then, for a donation, briskly pecks out lines on the spot.
Her mission is to help others take note of the good among the banal and quotidian. She suggests making lists of things you like. “To be able to look around and find beauty and inspiration in every little thing, that’s what makes me a poet,” she said.

The Art of the Scrapbook: Cecil Beaton

cecil beaton the art of the scrapbook cover

Cecil Beaton; having worked with the likes of Grace Kelly and the British Royal family and featured in Vogue and Vanity fair throughout his career can indefinitely be described as one of the most important and influential photographers of all time.

After becoming so familiar with his work, through the sheer vastness as well as through his influence on others, it is now that we get a real insight into Beaton as a man. Throughout his life the famed photographer scrap-booked everything from cinema stubs to articles and images that appealed to him.

– from Before It Was Cool

LOLA loves Sophie Haber!

Sophie is a hunter-gatherer at heart and a visual artist physically. Currently 18, Sophie has a thriving passion to explore new territory and seek the unknown through her lens and other various endeavors. She lives half her life in the fast pace fashion/photography industry, and the other half as a grounded tree climber and outdoors adventurer.


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.33.32 PM
Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Los Feliz, LA and then moved to the mountains of Santa Barbara when I was 10. It was the best decision my parents made and such a beautiful place to raise a family! Our journey_-2 When did you start doing photography?  I grew up with my dad, Michael Haber, sticking the camera in my face and photographing every moment of our lives. From when I was really young to present day, I loved being on set with my dad and working behind the scenes on his jobs. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really noticed my attachment to the camera and itch to capture what my mind was creating. I had started a blog on WordPress a few years ago and forced my self to photograph different stories that I put together, from fashion stories, my travels, to various picnics I documented it all! To my surprise I was featured on the front of the WordPress website and gained a following not only locally but globally! It was so special to me to be able to impact different people from all parts of the world.

I love the way you shoot a lot of your images outdoors and in nature from the beach to a field or in a vegetable garden. Why do you pick those locations?  Yes its very true! As I look back on many of my photos and while I am starting to get inspired for new ones I am always drawn to nature. Being outdoors gives me a sense of freedom and gets rid of all the limitations and guidelines that are holding me back. I break a lot of rules when it comes to photography, and most people ask me why I mix the materialistic fashion world with the grounded elements of nature. I say, art is what you make it and how you express yourself!

Are you a nature girl?  I yam I yam! Nature is in my blood! I am quite the oddball in my family and if I had the choice to run free in the garden all day with the chickens I would be there in a second!

What are your favorite places to be?  I love running away to the mountains or soaking my tired toes in the warm hot springs! My go to places are definitely any type of waterhole I can find in the mountains behind my house, or my garden where I am grounded and my mind is at ease. And yes there is always my warm bed where my feline friends await me.

Our journey_-3

Where do you get your inspiration from?  One of my favorite websites is pinterest! This is where I do all my storyboarding and find inspiration from color to places all over the world!

What can we do to help heal the planet?  This is a question that we need to ask the world and what I have been asking myself everyday! I believe it starts not only by one person’s action, but by working as a community to build a strong foundation. Just by growing locally, eating organic, and informing the public on sustainable living we are that much closer to unity. The day that the planet will come together as one and lend a hand to those in need and share their resources with each other will be eye opening!

Do you like to write? Do you keep a journal? Did you write the text in the piece in Santa Barbara Magazine?  Writing is how I process my thoughts. By writing your intentions and expressing your words, you create this connection with yourself and it’s amazing! Writing is a sacred practice that I make time for in my busy schedule. It may feel strange, but I encourage everyone with a crazy imagination like mine to write your thoughts down! It helps me get through a lot of things as well as create these wild stories!

533077_10150740649594530_264755936_n Discover more about Sophie, here.

Wishes, Dreams and Goals
Peter Beard created beautiful journals full of images, drawings, quotes, thoughts, musings, news and they are so inspiring.


Start a journal and only write down what your wishes, dreams an goals are. Then, write down what the steps are that you need to take to achieve your goals.


Writing down your intention and putting it out there in the universe has power, so be careful what you wish for!


Create your own!


cut/paste inspiring images and quotes in your journal


Photo Credit: Bookaholicsanonymousonline

penelope tree243


journal:ttt239cutting and pasting. collaging and journaling.


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