5 Knowing Your Body

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Protect Your Body


Do you ever think about how your cell phone or the Wi-Fi works?

The energy that powers them comes from power lines and cellphone towers in the form of 2G, 3G, 4G and more recently,5G networks. Others emanate from Wi-Fi hotspots and the high-frequency WiMax. These energy fields are generated for operating our devices and technology.

Did you know… that the combination of these energy fields and our exposure to them every day, is affecting our bodies in a negative way. Research shows that the fields collectively known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMF) interfere with our body’s natural processes—even damaging our DNA.

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified electromagnetic fields as carcinogenic to humans. Our cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, microwaves and baby monitors are damaging our health, from the DNA in our brains, to female and male reproductive systems.
The Epoch Times wrote: “The U.K., Belgium, Russia, France, Israel, India, and elsewhere, regulators are taking EMF exposure, particularly wireless technology, much more seriously. In these countries, warnings are made clear and young children are discouraged from using this technology.”

Earth calm wrote, “FCC Standards are way out of date.
Set back in 1996, FCC standards for wireless devices were based on studies with healthy 6’2”, 220 lbs. men exposed to RF radiation for short periods of time. This is very different from the situation with cell phones today, in which people—including women, children and people in fragile health—are frequently on cell phones for hours a day.
Furthermore, cell phones in 1996 were very different from those used today. And, very importantly, the kind of radiation damage tested for was thermal—not the non-thermal kind that the researchers today who are concerned about health risks are focusing on.

What you can do to reduce your exposure to electro magnetic energy and radiation:

1-First thing, keep your cell phone in your bag and not in your pocket, or anywhere near your body.

2- Never work with your laptop on your lap. If you have to/love to, put your laptop on a breakfast tray or side table appropriate for computer usage.

3-At night, keep your cell phone away from your bed or/and turn it and the Wi-Fi off for your house (if you have access to the Wi-Fi box).

4-When your cell phone has only 1 bar, turn it off, because that’s when it’s emitting the most radiation.

5-Keep computers and electrical appliances out of your bedroom, to reduce your exposure to EMF’s.

6-When talking on your cell phone, use the speakerphone. Also, use a landline at home and at work, instead of your cell phone.

7-When buying or replacing a bedframe, choose one made with wood rather than metal.

8-To reduce static build up, choose clothes made with natural fibers.

9-Add indoor plants to your home, like the peace lily, because they absorb radiation.

As a civilization, we believe that progress is good and that we should buy into it. But sometimes new things aren’t always to our benefit.

Please read more about it. These two articles offer more information about studies done that directly link radiation from cell phones with brain tumors and other types of cancer:


Why Cell Phone Radiation Danger is Serious Science Tells the Story


Photo courtesy of Anthony Slayer-Ralph

20/20 Vision


*It is important to have your eyes examined regularly*

Your eyes should be tested:

before age 40, every two to four years
from age 40 to age 54, every one to three years
from age 55 to 64, every one to two years
after age 65, every six to 12 months
Anyone with high risk factors should be tested every year or two after age 35.

Early detection, through regular and complete eye exams, is the key to protecting your vision from damage caused by glaucoma.

Source: http://www.glaucoma.org/q-a/how-often-should-i-have-my-eyes-tested.php

Here’s another great source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/08/03/best-foods-for-eye-health.aspx

Six Soothing Hacks for your Period Freak Out

This month, if you find yourself on the verge screaming at your science teacher, or staying in bed all day with cramps- check out this list of totally natural remedies for your period probs. Instead of grabbing for over-the-counter medications, consider one of these natural remedies that are just as effective, easy to use and affordable.


1. Menstrual Cramps!
Cure: Hot Water Bottle.

Placing a hot water bottle on your abdomen is one of the easiest tricks for soothing monstrous cramps, or any cramps really. Placing a hot water bottle on your abdomen is as effective as painkillers for up to an hour. Why does heat soothe the pain? Scientists found that if warmth over 100°F is applied to the skin near to where internal pain is felt, it switches on heat receptors at the site of injury. These heat receptors in turn block the receptors that detect pain in the body.
How: * When choosing a hot water bottle, pick one that comes with a removable cover. The cover protects your skin from being exposed to too much heat.
* Boil water and carefully pour it into the hot water bottle. Fill it until it’s 90% filled, so that the bottle is squeezable. Make sure the top is securely on, so that hot water doesn’t leak out.
* Lie down for at least an hour on your bed or on a couch and enjoy the heat wave.

period22. Body Aches!
Cure: Chamomile or Ginger Tea

Drinking chamomile tea twice a day has a warm relaxing effect on your body, and can help to relieve sore muscles and general aching. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves muscle spasms, and acts as a nerve relaxant. Ginger is known to relieve inflammation and pain.
How: * To make a soothing chamomile tea, add two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers to a small sieve/tea bag, and steep it for five minutes in a mug filled with boiling water. Remove the sieve and enjoy the calming effects of the tea.
* To make ginger tea, steep three slices of fresh ginger in boiled water for five minutes. Strain out the ginger, pour the tea into a cup, and add one tablespoon of raw brown sugar.

period63. Bloating!
Cure: Leafy Greens

To reduce bloating, make sure your diet includes lots of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, or swiss chard. They’re rich in calcium and magnesium which help to reduce water retention, which can cause uncomfortable bloating. Both minerals work together and balance each other out.
How: * Spinach can be eaten raw as a salad with your favorite dressing. Kale can also be eaten raw by removing and discarding the tough rib. Chop up the kale and add to a bowl, followed by rubbing it with a tablespoon of olive oil. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper.
*You can also sauté leafy greens in a pan along with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Sautéed kale and chard are especially delicious when added to a small bowl of brown rice with a ¼ teaspoon of soy sauce for extra flavor.

period44. Tender Feelings & Emotions!
Cure: High Fiber Foods

Eating lots of high-fiber foods can help to balance emotions by keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Raspberries, pears, apples, cooked lentils, almonds, artichokes, broccoli and oatmeal are a few good options. Why should you keep your blood-sugar levels steady? The higher your sugar intake, the more severe your emotional symptoms are likely to be!  High blood sugar can trigger hormones like cortisol which is the stress hormone.
How: *Keep your meals wholesome and high in fiber. Take the time to cook for yourself or pack snacks for school that include the above ingredients. Ditch the donuts and the sour patch kids this month.

period75. Anxiety & Stress!
Cure: “Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)” Yoga Pose

The “Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)” is great for easing anxiety symptoms, in addition to relieving lower back pain and menstrual cramping. A few yoga exercises practiced daily can help to regulate the breath and relax the body by gently releasing tension from the large muscle groups, increasing feelings of well being, and flushing all parts of the body and brain with fresh blood, oxygen, and other nutrients.
How: *Lay your yoga mat directly in front of a wall. Scoot your right hip close to the wall. Slowly swing your legs up onto the wall and lay down so that your shoulders and head are resting flat on the mat. *Slowly ease yourself forward until your buttocks touches the wall. Place a pillow or rolled up blanket under your lower back/lumbar spine. Allow yourself to close your eyes and listen to yourself breathe in and out. Stay in this pose for 10 minutes or longer if needed. When you’re ready to come out, swing your legs to the left or right of your body, and slowly push yourself up using your arm strength.
period36. Acne!
Cure: Deep Cleansing Mask +  Lots of Water.

There are hormonal changes and fluctuations that happen during your period that can cause acne. To prevent an acne breakout, drink water. Then drink some more water! Water flushes out toxins from your body, keeps you hydrated, and doesn’t have any of the side effects of other beverages. While hormonal acne is internal, the more you can reduce bacteria in your life, the more you’ll reduce the chance of it being on your skin. Stick to a skincare regimen that works for your skin type.
How: * Try a deep cleansing mask just before your menstrual cycle, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a 100% calcium bentonite clay powder that works well.
* Mix 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar or water, with 2 tablespoon of clay powder. Apply it incredibly thick and leave on until it goes all crispy (it will make your face feel like it’s pulsating), then rinse off with lukewarm water, and use a light moisturizer. Don’t use it more than once every two weeks.

In collaboration with Epicsky.co. Illustrations by Regina.



Did you know…that your appendix, which is a narrow, muscular tube, is attached to the large intestine. It served as a special area to digest cellulose when the human diet consisted more of plant materials than animal protein. It also produces some *white blood cells. We can live sans our appendix, without apparent consequences and annually, more than 300,000 Americans have an appendectomy.

*White blood cells are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders.

Source: http://discovermagazine.com

Spring Forward

On March 13th, we spring forward one hour, which means we not only have to set our clocks ahead but if you’re sleep deprived or sensitive to time shifts, you should head to bed half an hour earlier two days before that. This gradually eases your biological clock into daylight saving time, so you should have less trouble falling asleep at night and an easier time waking up the next day.

More sleep can improve not only improve your mental and immune function but your mood too.


Slack back? Slouch pouch? Tech neck?

As we curl over our devices like so many shrimp, a host of spinal issues is setting in. To stand corrected, Jancee Dunn calls in the posture police!
Tim Walker Photo

Photo by Tim Walker | Source: Vogue Magazine July 2015

Our addiction to gadgets has only worsened the problem of poor posture. A recent study in the journal Surgical Technology International made worldwide headlines when it reported that during the average three hours daily that people use their smartphones, they continually crane their necks, a condition dubbed “tech neck.” Bending the head forward just fifteen degrees, researchers found, effectively more than doubles the head’s weight, from twelve to 27 pounds. This incessant strain wreaks havoc on the body- and can lead to permanent damage, from hastening the progress of arthritis to causing degenerative changes in the spine.

“Good posture doesn’t cost anything,” -Iris Apfel

Wet Hair

The question: Can I really catch a cold just from going outside with wet hair?

Wet hair needs WG Light Oil Moisturizer

The answer: No doubt you’ve heard this one before — probably from Mom or Grandma as you rushed out the door one winter morning fresh out of the shower.

But while you might not feel so cozy venturing out into the cold with a wet head, doing so doesn’t condemn you to illness.Colds and the flu are caused by viruses; the only way to come down with the bugs is to come into contact with those viruses that cause them.

7b6ab4df2c6e3bd9acd0676709d487b4“In order to get an infection you need to be exposed to an infectious agent,” said Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infectious diseases physician and researcher at the Mayo Clinic. “There are several things that circulate during periods of cold weather — influenza, different cold viruses. That’s what you need to get infected. Going out with wet hair is not going to cause an infection. I think it more so just makes people uncomfortable.”

He cautioned that that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go traipsing around in below-freezing temperatures without a jacket or with a wet head. Ultra-cold weather is a stressor on the body, and in extreme cases could lead to hypothermia, which can certainly affect your immune system. Of course, you can catch a cold or flu virus while outside, and cold and flu season doesoverlap with cold weather. Recent research suggests rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold, may thrive in low temperatures. But you won’t get an infection simply because your hair is wet.Or because you didn’t wear a jacket, or a scarf, or mittens, either.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/25/cold-wet-hair-germs_n_6739144.html?ncid=newsltushpmg00000003

Nap Time


As a nation, the United States appears to be becoming more and more sleep deprived. And it may be our busy lifestyle that keeps us from napping. While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. Nappers are in good company: Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison are known to have valued an afternoon nap.



  • Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness 100%.
  • Naps can increase alertness in the period directly following the nap and may extend alertness a few hours later in the day.
  • Napping has psychological benefits. A nap can be a pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation. It can provide an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation.

Drink Water

1_drink-waterDrink water because it helps maintain the balance of body fluids, it helps control calories, it helps your kidneys, it helps your skin look good, it energizes the muscles and helps maintain normal bowel function.
Did you know…that every cell in your body needs water. For optimum health, replace the quart or so you lose daily. In extreme cases,when water is unavailable, you won’t last much more than a week without iteat-whole-drink-water-quote

Get plenty of sleep




(The Science of Missing You, by StasiaB)

 Sleeping washes your brain, cleaning out toxins while you are slumbering. According to University of Rochester neurologist Maiken Nedergaard, the brain physically cleans itself during sleep, essentially running a nighttime rinse cycle. Diseases associated with the dreaded dementia are linked to sleep disorders, adding greater importance to getting plenty of sleep and at least 8 hours of it nightly.



girls walking nature


Feeling stressed? First, try this trick: Stop whatever you are doing (except if you are driving or biking!), close your eyes, and take a slow, deep breath. Then, take three deep, slow inhales in a row. This slows your heart rate down, gets more oxygen in your system and gets blood flowing. After, open your eyes, and get on with your day, concentrating on one task at a time. If you try and concentrate on everything at once, the distraction will be so great that you’ll get nothing done, and fee stressed all over again.

These are simple activities that help to reduce stress: exercise, spend time in nature, take a warm bath, meditate & do breathing exercises, practice yoga, dance or sing, read or draw, listen to relaxing music, talk with friends or family members, get organized with a to-do list and spend times with pets.
helen frankenthaler
(Helen Frankenthaler)


did you know?  10 benefits of a properly alkalized body:

alkalized body

read more about this interesting info from Care2.

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